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Chin Woo From Shanghai to Malaysia

Three men are regarded as heroes of Chin Woo: Mr. Ye Shu Tian, Mr. Ye Shu Xiang, and Mr. Ye Shu Sheng. Mr. Ye Shu Tian was one of the first five Chin Woo masters who spread Chin Woo’s art and spirit overseas from China. Mr. Ye Shu Tian was born in Jing County of Heibei province in China. During the period of Yan and Zhao dynasties, many people were good at martial arts. However, Mr. Ye Shu Tian was considered the most knowledgeable. He decided to teach his skills and spread the Chin Woo spirit outside China. This was one of the greatest achievements for Chin Woo. It would be nearly impossible to detail everything Mr. Ye Shu Tian did for Chin Woo. In short, all of his efforts and achievements were remembered for generations thereafter.

After Mr. Ye Shu Tian opened a Chin Woo school in Malaysia, he invited his brother, Mr. Ye Shu Xiang, to join him. Thus, Mr. Ye Shu Xiang inherited the mantle of his elder brother. He taught classes for the Chin Woo school for over ten years. During the period of his teaching, people of many talents came forth in large numbers to learn the Chin Woo system. Like his elder brother, Mr. Ye Shu Xiang also made many achievements for Chin Woo. When the war broke out, however, Mr. Ye Shu Xiang was unable to continue teaching so he made a living as a pharmacist.

Unfortunately, during the war, both Mr. Ye Shu Tian and Mr. Ye Shu Xiang fell ill from constant worry, and they passed away. Their deaths were a loss for Chin Woo.

After their deaths, their youngest brother, Mr. Ye Shu Sheng, the teacher of the Kuala Lumpur ConfuciusSchool, started to teach classes at the Chin Woo school. Mr. Ye Shu Sheng had been taught kungfu directly by his two brothers. Because he was adept with both martial arts and academics, those that wished to become Chin Woo students readily increased. After the war, Chin Woo rapidly progressed and Mr. Ye Shu Sheng persisted in his efforts to promote Chin Woo. The three Ye brothers devoted themselves to Chin Woo for their entire lives and has accomplished a great deal. It is without a doubt that they are regarded as the “Three Great Heroes of Chin Woo.”


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