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Chin Woo from Malaysia to Singapore

Mr. Wei Yuan Feng was born in 1906 in Jing County of Hebei province, P.R China, the cradle of martial arts masters. During his childhood, his grandfather and granduncle, Mr. Ye Fen Ting and Mr. Ye Feng Chi (the famous master of Shanghai Chin Woo) taught him Chinese boxing.

After more than 10 years of training under his grandfather and granduncle, Mr. Wei Yuan Feng made rapid progress in Chinese martial arts. In 1922, he was acclaimed as a master by Shanghai Chin Woo.

At that time, the Chin Woo Association was selecting excellent masters from all of the Chin Woo schools to send them throughout China and other southeast Asian countries to spread Chinese martial arts. Mr. Wei was one of the masters chosen and in 1924, he was asked to go to Malaysia to spread Chin Woo.

Mr. Wei taught in Kampar, Ipoh, Taiping, and Malacca with his uncles, Mr. Ye Shu Tian and Mr. Ye Shu Xiang. Mr. Wei felt he was no match compared to his two uncles, in both teaching experience and kungfu, so he decided to pursue further training under his uncles. He taught classes and trained during the time and after several years, his kungfu was at its peak.

In 1934, Mr. Wei returned to China to visit. When he went to Ipoh, he happened to meet General Zhang Zi Jiang, the leader of a Singapore delegation which conducted propaganda for Chinese martial arts. The Singapore Martial Arts Group invited Mr. Wei to perform with them in order to support General Zhang’s objective. After the performance, Mr. Wei was highly respected. Because of his remarkable skills, Singapore Chin Woo asked him to take a position there.

For forty years, Mr. Wei was a notable instructor for organizations, schools, communities, and associations. He also founded the Nanyang Chinese Association, Zhonghua School, and many other organizations. In 1957, under his teachings, fifty martial arts masters were brought together. In 1958, Singapore Chin Woo Association appointed him as head instructor and in 1967, the Singapore Martial Arts Association elected him as their chairman.

Mr. Wei contributed greatly to the Chinese martial arts in Singapore and Malaysia. He is highly regarded by many people for his great achievements and admired for his spirit in serving the people and promoting the martial arts.


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