Taiji Legacy
is hosted by
USA Chin Woo Federation


Friday, July 21: 10am - 10pm - Holiday Inn Express, Plano
Sunday, July 23: 7am - 10am
- Plano Centre, Plano

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Last updated Tuesday, July 18, 2006

LIST OF MASTERS AND SEMINARS (click on the names for details)
Mike Barry Wuji "Teaching Meditation" - FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm
Mary Blanchard • Yoga I - FRI, July 21: 10:00am - 11:20am 
• Yoga II
- FRI, July 21: 11:30am - 12:50pm
• Yoga III
- FRI, July 21: 1:00pm - 2:20pm
Ying Cai • Shaolin Di-Shu – The Secret Fighting Arts of the Great Master Wu-Mei
FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm  
Jin Cai Cheng • Push Hand Applications  - FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm   
• Self Defense
  - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
• Chin Na (Joint lock) and Counter Chin Na 
- SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
Shaoming Cheng Xingyiquan - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
Traditional Ba Gua Zhang
  - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
David Chin &
Chris Heintzman
• Guang Ping Tai Chi Form - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
Practical Tai Chi for Combative Application - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am
Sam FS Chin I-Liq-Chuan (Sticky Hands & Push Hands Skills)
Part I - FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm
Part II - FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm   
Part III  - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
Gene Ching • Research and Writing for the Martial Arts - FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm 
Christophe Clarke • Shaolin boxing in the ring and on the streets - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
• Push hands from stationary, moving step to reaction skills boxing

 SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
Shi Yan Feng Damo Straight Sword - FRI, July 21: 2:30pm - 3:50pm  
Shaolin 2 Man Pole - FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm
Shaolin Fan - FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm
Peter Hom Qigong Connection for Taiji, Push Hands, and Other Arts - FRI, July 21: 2:30pm - 3:50pm 
Medical Meridian Qigong for Healing (Qi Dancing for Relaxation and Enjoyment)
FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm    
Rong Biao Lang NanQuan (Southern Fist)  
NanDao (Southern Sabre)
NanGun (Southern Staff)
Lily Lau &
Kalman Wong
• Shaolin Eagle Claw
Johnny Lee • Wu Taiji & Small Circle Push Hands - FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm 
Randy Li Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao As Qigong - FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm  
• Anti-Cancer Meditation
- FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
Milton Lie Wu(Hao) Style Taiji
24 Movement - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
32 Movement  - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
Chris Luth Push Hands ... Effortless Pushing - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
Rooting & Internal Neutralizing - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
Benny Meng • Wing Chun & Shaolin Connection - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
• Wing Chun Fighting Applications
- FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm  
Sam Ng • Choy Lay Fut Basics - FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm
• Choy Lay Fut Combat Applications
- FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm 
Kenny Perez   9 Section Whip - FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm 
3 Sectional Staff - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
• Dynamics of Rope Dart/Meteor Hammer - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
Chun Man Sit • Taiji Secrets - FRI, July 21: 11:30am - 12:50pm
The Art of Rooting - FRI, July 21: 2:30pm - 3:50pm 
Fred Spencer Choy Lay Fut - FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm 
Yang Taiji
 - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
Steve Sun Taiji Wind-Fire Wheel Part I  - FRI, July 21: 11:30am - 12:50pm 
Taiji Wind-Fire Wheel Part II - FRI, July 21: 2:30pm - 3:50pm 
Taiji Wind-Fire Wheel Part III
 - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
Yun Xiang Tseng Wudang Swordplay Part I - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
Wudang Swordplay Part II
  - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
John Wang Shuai Chiao & Taiji Integration - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
Entering & Finish Strategy in Push Hands
- FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm 
Elaine Waters Push Hands - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
Push Hands for Beginning Women - FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm
• Swimming Dragon Chi Kung - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
Jimmy Wong Water Boxing or Liu He Ba Fa (Six Harmony Eight Methods) - Part I
  FRI, July 21: 10:00am - 11:20am  
Water Boxing or Liu He Ba Fa (Six Harmony Eight Methods) - Part II
FRI, July 21: 11:30am - 12:50pm 
  Wu(Hao) Style Taiji 13 Movement  - FRI, July 21: 1:00pm - 2:20pm 
Buddy Wu Practical Wing Chun Techniques - FRI, July 21: 2:30pm - 3:50pm
Advanced Wing Chun Techniques - FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm
Xuechao Zhong  Xuan Wu Chuan - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
Ba Ji Chuan  - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 


Mike Barry is a well respected Sifu in the Chinese martial arts community both nationally and inter-nationally. He was on the original executive board of the famed North American Chinese Martial Arts Federation and served for six years as Regional President and Executive Board Member for the USA WuShu / Kung Fu Federation. Sifu Mike progressed from an amateur boxer and Karate fighter in the early 60's to licensed semi-pro full contact trainer in the mid-70's operating out of San Diego, Ca. Sifu Mike started his Kung Fu training in 1972. Mike received formal Sanshou training and certification at the University of Shanghai in 1995 and has officiated at two World Tournaments. He is an active member of the JOW GA Kung Fu Association and has performed at numerous Masters exhibitions at home and abroad, while continuing to referee at major Chinese martial arts tournaments throughout the country. He is a retired Naval Officer and submariner, holds a B.S. degree in Ed. from Southern Illinois University, and has taught continuously in Southern Maryland since 1981.

• Wuji "Teaching Meditation"  - FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm
Workshop will consist of standing meditation and Wuji-based philosophy. The Wuji Seminar is designed to enhance a teacher's Tai Chi program; includes a handout.

Still meditation: Part 1 NO-MIND Meditation (Chaos to Wuji - awaking the Chi and reverse breathing). Part 2 TEACHING Meditation (poem on the philosophy of life)

Tel: 330-948-1282

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In 1968, Mary Blanchard helped establish the first Yoga School in Houston. She has since used the practice of Yoga to keep Lupus and Arthritis in remission. She is also a Texas State licensed massage therapist, a member of A.M.T.A., instructor/representative for Concept Therapy Institute, and a certified Tai Chi Instructor.

• Yoga I - FRI, July 21: 10:00am - 11:20am 
• Yoga II -
FRI, July 21: 11:30am - 12:50pm
• Yoga III - FRI, July 21: 1:00pm - 2:20pm
Explore the healing possibilities inherent in the practice of yoga. Proper skeletal alignment could reduce your risk of injury and ward off the degenerative aspects of aging. The yogi says, "... it is our duty to be happy ..." As the millenium approaches, allow the five thousand year old teachings of yoga to become a positive influence in your life.

Tel: 713-722-8540

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When he was only six years old, his father – the grand master Ruo-Shui Cai started teaching him the traditional Fujian (or Fukien) Shaolin Temple’s Kungfu. After five years of rigorous and intensive Tong-Zi-Gong, Zhuang-Gong, Luohan Quan, and Shaolin Quan training, he and his younger brother, Dr. Damu Cai (of course, at that time, Damu was not yet a doctor), were sent to the Grand Master Zi-Shen Zhuang’s home for more intensified and strict kungfu training. Everyday, except a few holidays, Ying and Damu got up at 4:00 am and run 3 miles to Master Zhuang’s home to be taught privately by Master Zhuang for two hours before open class students arriving, then practiced under Master’s sons’ guidance with open class students for another two hours. In the afternoon, after school, they practiced two more hours. In the evening, before the bed time, they practiced two hours again. Through such an intensified training and thanks to the great quality of Masters Zhuang, Ying Cai had grasped a variety of traditional Chinese martial arts including both southern and northern styles. Eleven years later, Ying Cai left the hometown Quanzhou City to pursue his college degree and was very fortunate to learn the legendary Grand Master Wan Laisheng’s Zi-Ran-Men and other classic Chinese martial arts. Benefited from the rigorous Tong-Zi-Gong training in his youth age, after more than 45 years of his first Kungfu lesson, Ying Cai still can do the splits and have to practice as often as possible. Since his 90 years old father, the grand Master Ruo-Shui Cai is still practicing and wants his sons do so.

Shaolin Di-Shu – The Secret Fighting Arts of the Great Master Wu-Mei
FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm
A rarely-known history of the secret ancient Shaolin Kungfu, “Shaolin Di-Shu Quan-Fa”, will be presented. The origin, the lineage, and the evolution of the superb martial arts will be reviewed. Demonstrated with exceptional movements, the great functions of the ancient Kungfu for body-conditioning and self-defense will be discussed.

Tel: 618-467-2477

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Master Jin Cai Cheng was born in Wen Xian County, Henan, China. He started to study Chen Style Tai Chi at the age of seven. He further his studies with Grandmasters Chen Zhao Kui, Chen Mao Sen, Chen Tu Yuan, Wang Xian and Feng Zhi Qiang. He studied and served as an assistant instructor with Grandmaster Chen Zhao Kui 1973-1981. He promoted Chen Tai Chi and served as Coach/Secretary in local and provincial martial art associations in China. The Chen Family Committee awarded Master Cheng an official certificate as the 19th Generation Disciple of the 18th Generation Grandmaster Chen Zhao Kui, August 18, 2005. Master Cheng has served in National and International Martial Arts Tournaments as an Official, Advisor, Master’s Demonstrator and Seminar Instructor. He is the President of the U.S.A Chen Tai Chi Federation. He specializes in all Chen forms, Weapon forms, Push Hands and Chin-na. He is a noted writer for the Tai Chi Magazine and Chinese Newspapers. Master Cheng presently resides in Houston, Texas.

Push Hand Application - FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm   
Self Defense - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
• Chin Na (Joint lock) and Counter Chin Na - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 

Tel: 713-270-6797

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Doctor Shaoming Cheng was born in China. He started his martial arts training when he was six. He studied martial arts from several famous Chinese martial arts masters, including grandmaster Sha GuoZheng, one of the best Xingyiquan and Baguazhang Masters of his generation. Dr. Cheng has won first place medals in both China and the United States. Dr. Cheng has been teaching Hsingyiquan, Baguazhang, and Taijiquan for sixteen years, eight of those in the United States. Dr. Cheng has served as a judge at numerous international martial arts tournaments and performed at the “Masters Demonstration” at these tournaments. Dr. Cheng received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in 2005. Currently Dr Cheng is teaching Chen Style Tai Chi at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas.

• Xing Yi Quan  - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
Xingyiquan is one of the major styles of internal martial arts. It was invented by General Yue Fei in the 12 Century. Xingyiquan is famous for its unique fighting techniques. Its movements are very similar to external styles, but Xingyi also focuses on internal energy development. Xingyiquan has its special walking techniques (Shang Ti Shi) and hands movement (Pi, Zhu, Bong, Pao, Heng). This seminar will teach some basic Xingyi steps and a short Xingyi form.

•  Traditional Ba Gua Zhang
- SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am
Baguazhang is an internal martial art that increases energy through simultaneous circle walking, forms practice, and breath control. Baguazhang is literally translated as Eight Trigram Palm. This style is one of the three internal styles of China. The other two styles are Hsing Yi Quan and Taichi Quan. As with Hsing Yi and Taichi, the practice of Bagua generates Qi (internal energy) for both health and combat purposes. Baguazhang uses palm techniques exclusively, and this is reflected in the name, Eight Trigram Palm. This makes Bagua distinct from Xing Yi and Taiji styles, both of which incorporate fist techniques. This seminar will teach traditional Dong Style Baguazhang.

Tel: (512) 363-3677

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David Chin

Chris Heintzman

Sifu David Chin is the original indoor student of Sifu Kuo Lien-Ying. After many years of seclusion Chin Sifu has decided to share the application set that Kuo Lien-Ying taught him many years ago in San Francisco. Sifu Chin was also fortunate enough to work in depth with Master Ng Yim-Ming the Tibetan Hop Gar master and was appointed the official representative of the Hop Gar system in the U.S. You can now find Sifu Chin in the quite military town of Fayetteville North Carolina.

Chris Heintzman has practiced martial arts for over twenty years. His study has included Kali, Pu Kang Tang Soo Do, Okinawan Kobudo, and American Karate. For the last eight years he has practiced Hop Gar Kung Fu under the guidance of Sifu David Chin. Chris currently teaches Hop Gar in Carrboro, North Carolina. Chris also teaches Tai Chi for the Chatham County Council on Aging and at the Plum Spring Clinic in Chapel Hill, NC.

• Guang Ping Tai Chi Form -
SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
This seminar will teach the first form of the Guang Ping System

• Practical Tai Chi for Combative Application - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am
This seminar will give students an eye opening look at the explosive techniques of Tai Chi Chuan. Since many of the movements are shared among the arts all students are welcome and no prior experience is necessary. Last year we worked exclusively with the idea of fa jing. This year we will concentrate on some of the other aspects of tai chi such a chin na, and suai jiao.

Tel: 910-485-0039

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Master Sam F.S. Chin is the Head of the System and Co-Founder of the art of I-Liq Chuan. He is the President of the I-Liq Chuan Association in the USA, Russia, Hungary and Australia. His father The Grand Master Chin Lik-Keong then founder of the art traditionally trained him since childhood. Master Chin has won championships in Tai Chi Push Hands and Kick-Boxing Tournaments. He has been teaching for 27 years in Malaysia, Australia and the USA and conducts workshops and seminars nationally and abroad throughout the year.

I-Liq-Chuan - Unique Sticky Hand & Push Hand Skills
• Part I - FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm
• Part II
- FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm
• Part III
- SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am
This workshop will demonstrate the “feel of roundness and stickiness” using a series of two person drills. You will come away with greater understanding of how to unify the physical and the mental to harmonize yourself while controlling the opponent.

We will cover:
(1) Flowing with the opponent defensively - Keeping him out of your inner circle;
(2) Flowing with the opponent offensively – Penetrating his inner circle;
(3) Neutralizing the Opponent - Freezing him by capturing his mass; and
(4) Off Balancing the Opponent - merging to move or strike at will.

The understanding of these principles and concepts will add another
dimension of proficiency to your skill as a martial artist.

Tel: 845-635-3567

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Gene Ching is the Associate Publisher of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine and www.KungFuMagazine.com, the largest English-language magazine and website exclusively devoted to Chinese martial arts. He has authored hundreds of articles and videotapes on the martial arts. Since 1998, Gene has worked full-time in the martial arts as a school manager, weapon maker, antique sword dealer, freelance writer and snake oil seller, with only a small portion coming from teaching. He has been covering Taiji Legacy for Kung Fu Tai Chi since 2000.

• Research and Writing for the Martial Arts - FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm 
Martial arts literacy is on the rise. Now every practitioner needs to engage the growing body of martial literature if they are to be taken seriously. What’s more, every school must now publish to stay viable, not only magazine articles, but also websites, publicity material and newsletters. That responsibility falls on every member of the school, not just the master. Gene will discuss the state of present research and how it integrates with your martial practice, along with how to approach publishing today. Be prepared with your own ideas, projects and issues.

Tel: 510-656-5100 x137

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Shirfu Christophe has studied the internal arts from world-renowned masters in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and the US. Shirfu Christophe is a former U.S. team member, 1990 Korea and 1996 Gold medal winner in Brazil.

Shirfu Christophe has established himself as a world respected teacher of the internal arts. He has worked for the Sports Ministry in the former USSR as a consultant to their national athletic program. He worked for Dan Reeves with the Denver Broncos on coordination and visualization techniques. He has also worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to teach their SWAT team high-level martial arts techniques.

Shirfu Christophe is a multitalented musician, screenplay writer, and has starred in five martial arts action films, most recently "Tiger Street" (appearing on Showtime in December 2003) and "Dancing Bear" to be released at the end of 2004. He is also noted as being the 1990 Gold Medallist full contact Champion, US Team, Seoul, Korea.

• Shaolin boxing in the ring and on the streets - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
Detailed and powerful combination from the northern branch of Shaolin that will protect you from an attack....all levels welcomed.

• Push hands from stationary, moving step to reaction skills boxing

SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am
Learn the secrets to the mastery of TaiJi boxing experience the greatest boxing style of all time. Safe and educational...all level welcomed

Tel: 303-282-9633

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Master Shi Yan Feng is a 34th generation Shaolin disciple and martial monk from the Songshan Shaolin Temple, Henan Province, China. He started his kungfu training at the age of 4. His formal training in Shaolin Temple began at the age of 6 under the supervision of Master Shi Wan Heng for Traditional Shaolin and Tong Zi Gong. At age 8, he was chosen to be a part of the Henan Mountain Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Performance Team. He was the youngest in the group which comprised of only monks with exceptional martial arts skills visiting and performing in 35 countries. In 1998, he was a part of the "Shaolin Kungfu of China" World Tour. From 1995 through 2002, Shi Yan Feng has traveled and performed nationally in China and internationally to 30 countries. In between tours, about every six months, he continued his training while teaching students at the Shaolin Temple Wushu Guan. In 2000, he participated in a Shaolin Temple competition of its best students winning first place in straight sword, broadsword, monk's staff, and long fist. His last tour in July 2002 brought him to Houston and Dallas. After returning briefly to China, he came back to Houston to continue to spread Shaolin Kung Fu and its philosophy.

Shi Yan Feng specializes in Traditional Northern Shaolin, Shaolin Long Fist, Modern Chang Quan, Ditang Quan, Qigong, Baduanjin, and all the 18 Shaolin weapons.

• DAMO STRAIGHT SWORD - FRI, July 21: 2:30pm - 3:50pm 
created and passed on by Bodhidharma, the first Indian monk who came to the Shaolin Temple, it is known as the “Gentleman of all Weapons”. The straight sword attacks like the flying dragon. Attacks are hidden and produced in stillness. Practice of this form requires precise footwork and control of wrist. Often considered as a Yin weapon because of its flexibility and use of focused power, straight sword practice tempers the Yang forces that usually dominate the energy exhibited by martial artists.

• SHAOLIN 2 MAN POLE - FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm

• SHAOLIN FAN - FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm   

Tel: (832)298-1919 or (832)248-3748

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Tai Peter Hom has been practicing Taiji for over 60 years and has been teaching combination style Qigong and Taiji for 25 years. He is a professional member of NQA and certified practitioner of AOBTA.

Qigong Connection for Taiji, Push Hands, and Other Arts
FRI, July 21: 2:30pm - 3:50pm 
To do qigong properly, we have to cultivate the 3 key elements. The first key element is regulating the breath. What is breath? Of course, for qigong, it is mainly from the tantien. We are going to discuss where is the tantien located, and how it happens to create more life force and power. Then we can make a connection with our movement to put qi to work the way we want.

The second key element is regulating the body movement. When the body is not comfortable, the qi will not flow properly. If the posture is not very correct, we may get injured or experience negative side effects. We will talk about centering and naturally adjusting yourself to make your posture correct.

The third key element is regulating the mind. If your mind is clouded, it cannot guide the qi to move your body very well. We have to know how to use the mind-will to get all 3 of the key elements to work together. Then our qigong will be better and our shen will be created on a higher level.

Once we incorporate the 3 key elements into qigong practice, you will be amazed at how qi applies to taiji, push hands, healing, and other arts.

Medical Meridian Qigong for Healing (Qi Dancing for Relaxation and Enjoyment)
FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm    
This is not a new concept from the traditional Chinese way of qigong. In the old time of China, Qi Dancing had been done in many many Imperial Palaces. The way we present it, using modern music and rhythm, helps us to cultivate our qi in social life and daily life. This way we don’t have to lose our leisure time, and we can have more fun and enjoyment.

Qigong Dancing helps us to calm our mind for relaxation, releasing stress, and to get the qi flowing through the meridian system in the proper way. Then we can gain more energy at the same time because we create more circulation for the qi and the blood. This will help us to reach our goal to cultivate the essence and transform it into qi for healing the body. Then, transforming the qi into shen to harmonize the mind will help us to have a better life. Finally, if we do this very well, we can return to the Tao.

Tel: 504-889-2669

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Rong Biao Lang, from Tianjin, China, is a 5 time China National Wushu Grand Champion, 1 of 3 persons to receive this title, alongside Jet Li and Yang Wen Qin. He has been granted the title “One of China’s Top 10 Athletes” and is known as the “NanQuan King”.

Master Lang is currently the owner and headmaster of the Huo Yuan Jia Wushu School in Tianjin, China. Started in the year 2000, this school has already grown to a size of 700 students. Students and schools from foreign countries will travel to learn from Master Lang. He is also the Vice President of Tianjin Chin Woo Association in China.

He is a member of the Committee of Youth Union in China, coach of the Professional Wushu Team in Tianjin, China, and has been awarded the title of "One of China's 100 Outstanding Persons in the Martial Arts". His awards in competition include:

-Staff Champion in the 3rd World Wushu Championships
-Nanquan Champion in the 13th Asian Games
-Nanquan and Dui Lian Champion in the China 8th National Sports Meeting
-Individual All-around Champion in the China National Wushu Championships (Champion in Nanquan, Nan Dao, Nan Gun, Gun Shu, Di Tang Quan, Dui Lian)

Contemporary Nanquan features vigorous, athletic movements with very stable, low stances, extensive hand techniques and a vocal articulation. Power is driven from sharp waist movement with special emphasis on fast stance transition to generate power and speed in the arms.


The nandao is used mostly in contemporary wushu exercises and forms. Its blade bears some resemblance to the butterfly sword, also a southern Chinese single-bladed weapon; the main difference is the size, and the fact that the butterfly swords are always used in pairs. The nandao is mostly used two-handed due to its larger amount of weight, and it has a large metal crossguard useful in deflecting blows and hooking the opponent's weapon.


Nangun is the southern staff known for vigorous, athletic movements with very stable, low stances and intricate strikes with the staff. Being a Southern style, it requires greater leg stability and power generation through leg and hip coordination.

Contact: 972-680-7888

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Lily Lau is the eldest daughter of the late Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang. At the age of 17, her teaching career began in Hong Kong after her father's death, and she has since been recognized throughout the world as the authority on the Eagle Claw system of kungfu. She is the founder and director of the Lily Lau Eagle Claw Kungfu Federation International.

Shaolin Eagle Claw
Shaolin “Eagle Claw System” is a set of traditional Chinese Kungfu fighting techniques. This type of Northern Kungfu was developed and widely used in China. The traditional style of Kungfu was used by the famous military General Ngok Fei to train his soldiers. This set of fighting techniques is mostly composed of the following: Jau (grab), Da (strike), Kum (catch), Na (hold), Fan Gun (separate the tendons), Cho Gwat (dislocating the joints), Dim Yuet (strike precisely the pressure points), Baai Hei (stop the breathing), Sim Gin (fast changing stances), Tun Noh (jump and take away). Traditional Eagle Claw is based on three fundamental forms: Hahng Kuen Sahp Lo, Lin Kuen Ng Sahp Lo (Combination Fist 50 Sections), and 108 Chin Na (joint locking techniques). All the techniques are very practical.

Tel: 650-692-8688

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Johnny Lee is the founder of Lee's White Leopard Kung Fu Schools since 1975. He appeared in Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Official Karate, Wushu Qigong, Tai Chi, Internal Arts, & Wu Gong magazines. He is the personal disciple of Wu style legend of the late Mah-Yeah-Liang of Shanghai, Fu style Pa Kua Master General Sun Paul Kung of Hong Kong and the closed door disciple of Northern Shaolin My Jhong Law Horn Grandmaster Yip Yu Ting of Hopei.

Wu Taiji & Small Circle Push Hands - FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm
The Small Circle Push Hands workshop will teach the practitioner to manipulate, borrow, deliver and return the opponent's strength and force by sensing the vectors and the resulting force of rising, roll-back, pressing, pushing, pull-down, spin out and leaning of the eight tai chi push hands techniques. When you do not use external techniques, your opponent will be amazed at your ability to off-balance him or her without the appearance of using any external movement on your part.

Tel: 972-991-1088

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Master Li has been studying Chinese Martial Arts for over 40 years. Born and raised in Macau, Master Li began training at a young age. He is a 2nd generation disciple of Yip Man Wing Chun and a 5th generation disciple of Yang Family Taiji. Master Li is a high-level Qigong Master specializing in Qigong healing. He is the Chief Instructor of Li’s School of Ving Tsun, Taiji and Qigong, President of the U.S. National Traditional Wushu Federation, Vice-President of the U.S.A. Wushu Kungfu Federation, Vice-President of the U.S. National Tai Chi Chuan Federation and Honorary President of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association. Master Li is internationally-ranked as an 8th degree black belt and is regularly requested to conduct workshops and lectures at local universities in the Greater Kansas City area and throughout the U.S.

• Wing Chun Sil Lum Tao as Qigong- FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm  
Master Li will teach the internal aspects of Sil Lim Tao based on his training in the form since childhood, which originated his development as a Qigong Master. Most people practice Sil Lim Tao focusing on precise movements and structure. Now Master Li will share the secret of Sil Lim Tao as a powerful Qigong tool for increasing and improving one’s inner strength and health.

• Anti-Cancer Meditation
- FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
Master Li will teach how to cultivate internal, vital energy and build a surplus of essential Yin energy, as well as how to use the energy for purifying the body. Master Li will explain simple mental techniques and demonstrate slow movements to cultivate energy and get rid of pain and toxic build-up in the body.

Tel: 816-590-6820

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Milton Lie is a senior taiji instructor at J.K. Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy. He participated in the 2000 Yongnian, China International Taiji Championship.and received silver medals in Wu(Hao) form and Wu(Hao) Sword. He has studied with Master Jimmy K. Wong, sixth generation direct lineage of the Wu(Hao) style. He is also an Executive Board Member of the USA Chin Woo Federation and the North America Wu(Hao) Taiji Federation.

This is Wu-Yu Xiang Taiji. It comes from small frame Chen style. Every posture has four states, start, connect, open, and close. Start: Change from Wuchi to taiji-intention; Connect: Movement from taiji to yin-yang-distinguished between substantial and insubstantial; Open: Initiating attack or retreat; Close: Action of attacking and retreating. This series of seminars is designed to introduce people to the Wu (Hao) style as well as for those who want to perform with the Wu (Hao) group during the Opening Ceremonies.

• 24 Movement - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
The 24 movement form expands on the principals and movements of Wu (Hao) Taiji introduced in the 13 movement form. This form can also done for competition in the Wu (Hao) division.

• 32 Movement - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
The 32 movement form expands on the principals and movements of Wu (Hao) Taiji introduced in the 13 & 24 movement form. This form is the intermediate level Wu (Hao) Taiji Form.

Tel: 972-680-7888

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Chris Luth is a 2 time U.S. National Gold Medalist in Tai Chi (Forms & Push Hands) and is the founder of The "Pacific School of Tai Chi & Chi Kung" (San Diego), "Tai Chi in Paradise Retreats" and The "Art Of Teaching" a conference for Tai Chi & Qi gong instructors. Chris began studying meditation in the early 70's, in 1974 he began his study of Tai Chi & Qi Gong with Grandmaster (Abraham) Liu Chen Huan and has now been teaching as a full-time profession for over 27 years. Chris has operated one of North America's only formalized "Tai Chi Teachers Training Programs" since 1984 and has trained dozens of teachers internationally.

An active judge and referee serving in U.S. National Competition since 1991 he has authored innovative Push Hands Competition Rules (designed to reward "subtle" Tai Chi skills) as well as Guidelines & Tips for Push Hands Referees. His travels through Asia & elsewhere have allowed him the opportunity to study with numerous masters of these arts and to blend these perspectives into an innovative & detailed approach to Tai Chi.

Currently, half of his time is spent in Southern California focusing exclusively on offering Private Instruction and Training Teachers, the other half of the time is spent travelling, teaching workshops and retreats throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

• Push Hands ... Effortless Pushing
 - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
Experience pushing techniques that use "minimal force" to accomplish their goal. Learn how the development of "energy sensitivity, listening skills & root connection" can make the act of pushing a relatively effortless process.

• Rooting & Internal Neutralizing - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
Explore this unique, highly crucial (and often overlooked) form of neutralizing. Through proper structural alignmant, "Root Connection", focused awareness and "Deep Internal Relaxation" you will enter a state where force is dissapated through your body and into the ground.

Tel: (858) 259-1396

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Benny Meng began his Wing Chun training during 1981 in Hong Kong under Sifu Lee Hoi Sang and resumed and completed the system under Sifu Moy Yat of NYC. He started teaching Wing Chun in 1987. His passion for Wing Chun research has been fueled at an accelarating rate by his position as Curator of the Ving Tsun Museum. He is a certified Senior Instructor under the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong. He is currently studying Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun under Sifu Garrett Gee.

• Wing Chun & Shaolin Connection - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
This workshop will be a technical discussion on the Southern Shaolin Temple, the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun system, Revolutionary Society Wing Chun and Red Boat Opera Wing chun. This workshop will touch on areas of history, philosohpy, and technical knowledge seldom discussed in the public as well as give participants a solid foundation in what constitutes the foundation of Southern Shaolin. Coming away from this workshop, you will have a new appreciation of just how far, wide, and deep the wisdom of Hung Fa Yi Shaolin Wing Chun reaches.

• Wing Chun Fighting Applications
- FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm  
This workshop will be hands-on and interactive. You will learn exercises to cultivate your health, sense of reality, and self-defense skills. You'll see how Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun addresses all combat ranges as well as cultivates clearer awareness of reality and improves health. You should expect to come away with a good workout for the body and an even better workout for the mind and attitude, seeing how the physical exercises directly connect to your experience of reality.

Tel: 937-236-6485

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Sam Ng is a 5th generation practitioner of the Choy Lay Fut system created by Great Grandmaster Chan Heung, Sam Ng has been practicing Choy Lay Fut for over 30 years. A student of the late Grandmaster To Hon Cheung, Sam Ng has been teaching Choy Lay Fut Gung Fu for over ten years. After founding the Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association with his son instructor Philip Ng in 1997, Sifu Sam Ng has been involved in both organizing and performing in numerous martial arts demonstrations in the Chicago-land area.

• Choy Lay Fut Basics
- FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm
Open to all practitioners of all levels. The primary topics discussed will include the basic stance structures, methods of generating of power, and proper execution of the techniques found within Choy Lay Fut Gung Fu. The execution and usage of the Choy Lay Fut ten elements (the basic building blocks of every Choy Lay Fut system) will be discussed and taught. Sifu Ng will also systematically break down sequences commonly found within Choy Lay Fut forms to demonstrate and explain in detail the concepts behind the movements. A basic form including the main concepts and movements contained within the Choy Lay Fut system will also be introduced and taught.

• Choy Lay Fut Combat Applications - FRI, July 21: 5:30pm - 6:50pm 
Advanced fighting concepts behind the Choy Lay Fut method will be discussed. Concepts of invasion, evasion, gating, continuation, throwing and joint locking will be introduced. Familiarity with the execution of such concepts and techniques is what enables a practitioner to prevail in a combat situation. Drills designed to enhance concept and technique familiarization will be taught. Self-Defense type combinations will also be introduced.

• Choy Lay Fut Combat Applications

Tel: 708-373-6676

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Mr. Kenny Perez has trained in Wushu for over twenty five years. One of the original American pioneers of Wushu the first non asian to train in China after the raising of the “Bamboo curtain” and establishment of détente. Mr. Perez studied with Wu Bin in Beijing along side #1 team Beijing Wushu team and athletes home of Jet Li. There he trained diligently with the best. At that time his room-mate and training partner was Donnie Yen, now the #1 action director in Hong Kong.

Mr. Perez was a member of the 1st U.S. Wushu team in 1980,’81,’82 and competed in subsequent teams in ’84 and ’88. He has seen the evolution of Wushu here in America and has seen the ups and downs of the sport. Not many people can teach Wushu and coach to a high degree like Mr. Perez. Master Wu Bin is quoted as saying “Mr. Perez has the ability of being the best U.S. Wushu coach because of his abilities to work on details and understanding of instruction of difficulty movements.” His insight makes him a standout master coach. His wins speak for themselves.

Besides being on the U.S. team multiple times, he has competed and won in Open tournaments throughout the U.S. including The Long Beach Internationals, Desert Classic, L.V. Open, Empire State Championships, and Houston Open etc. He has choreographed many scenes with Famous Director Yuen Wo Ping, Donnie Yen and even doubled for Jet Li.

• 9 Section Whip - FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm 
9 sectional whip will cover circles, figure 8's, swings, strikes, wraps, ground techniques, as well as acrobatic movements

• 3 Sectional Staff
- FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
In this workshop, Mr Perez will cover basic figure eights, swings, twirls, strikes, stabs smashes, and advanced combinations including ground rolling combinations

• Dynamics of Rope Dart/Meteor Hammer - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
A introductory class to this versitile soft weapon covering basic swings, wraps, catches, kicks, combinations and a routine; shin guards reccomended for beginners some darts and hammers will be available to use.

Tel: 623-332-8632

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Chun Man Sit has been practicing Tai Chi and Kungfu for more than 30 years. He is an expert on Wu style Tai Chi and a rare internal style Tai Hui (six elbows). He likes to combine ancient Chinese ideas with modern physics. He usually conducts workships in a fun and enjoyable way.

• Taiji Secrets - FRI, July 21: 11:30am - 12:50pm
These secrets are sayings from past and present Taiji masters. They are simple but profound. Understanding these secrets can help students to enter the threshold of Taiji. Excellent for students who want a true understanding of the art. (All styles welcome)

• The Art of Rooting
 - FRI, July 21: 2:30pm - 3:50pm 
Rooting is the art of wu-wei (non-doing). The key is to master the yin force, or gravity. We will work on power rooting, movement rooting, gravity rooting and intuitive rooting. Do the non-doing and there is nothing you cannot do.

Tel: 913-829-4914

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Master Fred Spencer studied Choy Lee Fut in San Francisco, Ca. He was a disciple of Master Jew Long he studied for 10 years. He continued as a disciiple of the Chen Family, Mastr Chen Yong-Fa Fu Hang Ng, Chan Kit Fong. In 1994 Master Spencer won a Silver Medal in China doing Choy Lee Fut. In 2004 Master Spencer went to the Chen Heung Village in Ging Mui in the Kwantang Providence, China. Master Spencer has been in Choy Lee Fut for 35 years.

• Choy Lay Fut - FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm 

• Yang Taiji
 - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am
Master Fred studied Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan as a disciple of Grandmaster Fu Zhong Wen. He also studied with Grandmaster Wen’s son, Fu Sheng Yuan. In 1994 & 1995, Master Spencer won 2 Gold Medals in Yang Style Tai Chi in China. Master Spencer has 30 years in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Tel: 559-442-0558

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Dr. Steve L. Sun, a 10th degree black belt and Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, is founder of the Siu Lum Studio and Martial Arts Academy in Havertown, PA. He began training at the age of 10 under his father, Grandmaster Chun Sun. After further training with other masters, in 1985, Dr. Sun was received as the 31st generation disciple by the Shaolin Temple, in Henan, China. A recipient of many awards, in October 1998, Dr. Sun has also published two books. The first, entitled Tai Chi Chuan Wind & Fire Wheels was awarded 7 “Most Golden Awards” by the World Chinese Medicine and Herbs United Association. In November 1999, he published his second book, Advanced Tai Chi Chuan Wind & Fire Wheels. In September 1999, he received the “World Most Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts Golden Award” and in December 1999, an Honorary Doctorate in Martial Arts from the International Martial Arts University, Los Angeles, CA. In August of 2000, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the USA Wushu Kungfu Federation. In September 2001, he received the “American Outstanding Lifetime Achievement” Award from the International Martial Arts Federation. He is also a certified International Judge as well as a Licensed Professional Engineer and a Certified Oriental Medical Doctor. In June 2004, he was awarded a Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine. Dr. Sun is the recipient of 2 Lifetime Achievement Awards, from the International Martial Arts Federation in 2005 and the Action Martial Arts Magazine in 2006.

Taiji Wind & Fire Wheels is a seldom seen double-handed weapon. The rhythm of the form must be graceful and based on a sound rooting of the body. The goal of Wind Fire Wheels is harmony of body, mind, and weapon as well as applications. Wind & Fire Wheels can be used as a special implement in Martial Arts which promotes health. They also contribute to human health and the training in Chi-Kung. They contribute to a significant increase of inner strength.

• Part I
 - FRI, July 21: 11:30am - 12:50pm 
• Part II - FRI, July 21: 2:30pm - 3:50pm 
• Part III - SUN, July 23: 7:00am - 8:20am

Tel: 610-789-1119

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Master Yun Xiang Tseng, fondly known as "Chen", was a child prodigy in Chinese martial and healing arts. At age six, he was chosen by his master Li to learn the ancient Taoist philosophy, Tai Chi, Qigong and Healing at Wudang Mountain. After immigrating to the US in 1990, he began sharing the ancient teachings according to his master's wishes. His mission is to spread the joy of Taoist living to the Western world in order to make it a more peaceful and healthier place to live.

• Wudang Swordplay Part I & II
Wudang is famous for it's swordplay and taiji as seen in the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Through this workshop you'll learn Wudang sword basics unique to this lineage and learn how to use the sword in combat from Wudang Master Yun Xiang Tseng.

• Part I - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
• Part II
- SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 

Tel: 970-221-3130

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John S. Wang, disciple of the grand master Chang, Dong Sheng (the Chinese wrestling king), has forty years of martial arts experience and has won competitions in the United States and China, including three time United States heavy weight champion in Shuai Chiao (1982, 1983, 1984). Mr. Wang has taken the first US Shuai-Chiao teams to compete in Taiwan (1984) and Mainland China (1985). He has been teaching in Austin since 1972 and serves on the board of directors for the American Combat Shuai Chiao Association.

Shuai Chiao & Taiji Integration - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
By integrating Shuai Chiao "foot work" and "leg movements" into your Taiji training, Your Taiji combat ability can be enhanced and evolved. Part I (24 moves) of the 108 move long Taiji forms will be shown by using this principle along with detail application.

Entering & Finish Strategy in Push Hands
- FRI, July 21: 8:30pm - 9:50pm 
The following Entering Strategies will be explained:
- Side door entry
- Front door entry
- Enter side door then switch to front door
- Enter front door then switch to side door
- Leading arm jams back arm

The following Finish Strategies will be explained:
- Front cut
- Head lock leg blocking
- Twisting and springing
- Eyebrow mopping
- Leg seizing

Tel: 512-327-3917

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Elaine Waters practices both Yang & Chen styles of Tai Chi. She took first place in push hands at an international tournament held in Taiwan 1990. She promotes tai chi body mechanics as a practical way to improve skill. Seeking effortless alignment is the core to her teaching. Elaine offers retreats in push hands and chi king in Trinadad, California, the spectacular north coast, where redwoods meet the sea.

• Push Hands - Rooting & Footwork - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
Less is more in Tai Chi Push Hands when you use less effort and have more effect. Discover strength within softness, stability through changing position, and advantage through listening. Adapt yourself quickly to your opponents force through proper body alignment and footwork. To know your opponent you must first know yourself. To hear your opponent you must first be able to forget yourself.

• Push Hands for Beginning Women - FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm
Neutralization allows tai chi players to use the opponents force, rather than their own effort. Allow your opponent to loose their own balance through adhering, listening, and rooting. Practice develops spontaneity, fluidity, and adaptability. Develop reactionary skill and learn basic push hands pattern: peng, lu ji an.

• Swimming Dragon Chi Kung - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
The gentle motion of Swimming Dragon Chi Kung moves the spine like a string of pearls, helping to open the joints. Open the low back, suspend the top of the head and connect tan tien to the root. Then your energy can flow freely, and your movements can be light and agile. Swimming Dragon Chi Kung was taught to Elaine Waters in 1986, by Master T K Shih.

Tel: 719-486-8907

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Master J.K. Wong was trained in Kungfu, Tai Chi, and traditional Chinese medicine. Master Wong utilizes the Chinese art of mind and body to preserve health and happiness through Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Chinese herbs/nutrition, and Ancient Chinese Philosophy. With over 30 years of Martial Arts experience, he is also a well-known Tai Chi Master and has conducted Tai Chi workshops nationally and internationally. He is the 6th generation direct lineage of Wu(Hao) Taiji and is the 3rd generation from Grand Master Wu Yi Hui of the Liu He Ba Fa Water Boxing System. He is the president of the North America Wu(Hao) Taiji Federation, and founder of the USA Chin Woo Federation. He is a licensed Acupuncturist in Texas. He is the Chief Organizer of the Taiji Legacy International Martial Arts Championships held annually in Dallas, Texas.

WATER BOXING OR LIU HE BA FA (Six Harmony Eight Method)
In Daoist belief, life is a balance between the five elements. Every element is necessary for life, but the water element is the key to longevity. The creator of Water Boxing, Chen Xi Yi, lived on Hua Shan (Mount Hua) in Shanxi Province during the tenth century. Water Boxing is often considered an internal style and it has combinations of Tai Chi, Xingyi, and Bagua. It has two major routines composed of 66 movements. Each movement is a sequence of 3 to 7 separate techniques, and it has more than 300 moves in the two
routines. It has about 700 techniques and is often called an encyclopedia of martial arts. The form creates a calm sensation from the outside but abundant and powerful energy from the inside. The 66 movements is divided into six sections. Master J. K. Wong will teach the first section for this workshop.

• Water Boxing Part I - FRI, July 21: 10:00am - 11:20am  
• Water Boxing Part II
- FRI, July 21: 11:30am - 12:50pm 
• Wu(Hao) Style Taiji 13 Movement - FRI, July 21: 1:00pm - 2:20pm 

Tel: 972-680-7888

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Master Wu began studying Wing Chun in 1966 under Grandmaster Ho Kam Ming, one of Yip Man's senior disciples. Master Wu started teaching Wing Chun in Chicago, IL in 1976. In 1983, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio and opened Wu's Wing Chun Kungfu Academy in 1985 to continue his Wing Chun teaching career. Master Wu also studied Yang style taiji in addition to being an actor in a number of kungfu movies.

• Practical Wing Chun Techniques - FRI, July 21: 2:30pm - 3:50pm
One of the strengths of Wing Chun is its flexibility and how a few basic techniques can be easily used in a variety of situations. Furthermore, most of these techniques can be quickly understood and applied by the novice. Mater Wu will demonstrate various simple,
yet extremely effective Wing Chun moves that can be used by the beginner/intermediate Wing Chun practitioner to defend themselves in common aggressive scenarios.

• Advanced Wing Chun Techniques
- FRI, July 21: 4:00pm - 5:20pm

Effective Wing Chun depends not only on good hand technique, but also on timing, proper footwork, and coordinated body movement. Without these, one cannot fully develop their Wing Chun skills to the highest level. By combining all of these skills, one can deliver much more power than what could be achieved by good hand technique alone. Master Wu will discuss and demonstrate these very often overlooked, but essential points and how their application can maximize both offensive and defensive actions.

Tel: 216-738-1997

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Master Zhong Xuechao, the 15th generation of the Wudang Sanfeng sect, he has studied in the Wudang mountains since 1991, under the 14th generation Master Zhoung Yunlong. He has devoted himself to wudang kungfu and Taoist religious culture. Bing is trained in the Wudang kungfu schools of Eight Diagram (Bagua Pai), Taiji School (Taiji Pai), Eight Immortal School (Baxian Pai), Form and Will School (Xingyi Pai), Eight Extreme School (Baji Pai), Xuanwu School (Xuanwu Pai) & Wudang Taoism Regime. All of these schools consists of 4 parts: weapons, sparring, internal energy and healing. Since 1995, master zhong has been traveling and putting on kung fu and Taoist demonstrations around China and in the world . In 2002, the Association for Chinese American Enrichment brought him to the US for the first time. In January 2003 he was selected as director of wu dang Wushu Association.

• XUAN WU CHUAN - FRI, July 21: 7:00pm - 8:20pm
Xuan Wu Chuan is an internal form. The Martial Art must transmute Jing to Chi ¨C Chi to Shen ¨C Combine hard and soft ¨C. The essence of the internal spirit must be seen in the movement when it is soft. When it is hard the practitioner must explode in a moment. Pay great attention to the coordination of hand eye, body and footwork.

• BA JI CHUAN - SUN, July 23: 8:30am - 9:50am 
Ba Ji Chuan is one of the supreme hand styles of Wudang Martial Art. It is famous for its aggression. The movement is hard, steady and flexible. You can attack long range. It is one of the best loved moves of the Martial Arts.

Tel: 970-221-3130

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