Taiji Legacy
is hosted by
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Support Taiji Legacy and promote your school, business, or event by placing an ad in the tournament Program Book. This offer is available to anyone. Rates are:

Ad Type Size (W x H) Price
Quarter page 3.5" x 4.75" $125
Half page 7.5" x 4.75" $175
Full page 7.5" x 10" $275

Ads may be submitted in the following ways (all submissions should include a hard copy printout as a proof):

• Black and White laser copy at 600dpi
• Greyscale PC .tif file at 300dpi (please enclose a hardcopy as proof confirmation)
• Adobe Illustrator 9 .ai or .eps file with all text converted to lines and embedded pictures included (this may be archived as a .zip file)
• Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 .p65 file
• Adobe Acrobat PDF file

To place an ad, please contact Chin Woo Tournament, Inc. at (972) 680-7888. Deadline is June 15, 2006.

Promote your school, business, or event on the Taiji Legacy website with web banners. These web ads can be purchased by anyone and will be posted for 1 year. 140 x 50 pixel banners are $100 for the full year. To reserve a spot and inquire about text requirements and limitations, please call (972) 680-7888.


Promote and support your school or business by hanging banners and flags on the walls of the spacious Plano Convention Centre. You must provide your own banner. Banner specifications are as follows:

• Anything less than 5’ long - $75
• Between 5’ to 10’ long - $100
• Larger than 10’ long - $125

To reserve a spot, please contact Chin Woo Tournament, Inc. at (972) 680-7888.

Only 10 tournament booths will be available. Companies interested in marketing your supplies or service to the martial arts community, this event provides an excellent opportunity to target your customers. Last year, total people attending the event was nearly 3,000.

Reservations will be offered at a first come, first serve basis, so please notify Chin Woo Tourn., Inc. as soon as possible.

Each booth (1 table) will be $350 for two days. The booths are 8' x 10' tables and if you would like additional tables, they will be $100 for each additional table for 2 days. For $500, you can get a booth for two days, a full page ad in the tournament program book, a banner display (please provide your own banner), and a Web Banner in the Taiji Legacy Website for 1 year (please provide your own 140 x 50 pixel website banner).

The following is a summary of vendor booth fees:

• 1 booth = 1 table (8' x 10') for two days $350
• Each additional table for 2 days $100
• Electrical Outlet Usage (will be charged on that day) $ --
• 1 booth = 1 table (8' x 10') for 2 days
• 1 Full page ad in the tournament program book
• Banner display (please provide your own banner)
• Web Banner in Taiji Legacy website for 1 year

To reserve a booth or for more information, call 972-680-7888 or fax 972-680-7889.

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